Not only companies need branding but person!

When you think of the word branding, you would easily associate it with companies. But today, every individual unavoidably has a personal brand as well. The term ‘personal branding‘ was coined by Tom Peters in 1997. This suggests that personal success may come from an on-going process of packaging.

In the past, personal branding mainly replies on word-of-mouth; but now, it has shifted to your social platforms. Here are some tips for successful personal branding on social platforms:

#1  Think clearly what image you would like to portray

Whether you would like to be a professional engineer, a caring teacher or an adorable secondary school girl affect greatly on the tone and actions to be taken. You also need to think about how other people will react to ‘your brand positioning’ and whether you could take these. If you want to change your style at some point of time, it would be difficult as people already have an established image of you in their mind. So Rule 1, think comprehensively!

#2 Choose your friends carefully

When you do not know a guy personally, you would easily judge him by his friend as it is seen as an indicator of one’s personality and interest. If you are trying to build a brand out of yourself, your interaction circle should be people that possesses that same aspiration or belief with you.

Also, some social platforms like Facebook possesses a mutual friend request accept process. That means everything you post would be seen by those you accepted if no advanced setting is applied. Be sure you want your information to be visible to that person before accepting.

#3 Pick a good picture

According to studies, people make first impression in the first 5 seconds of contact. Most easily recognisable feature is the face. Photo should be decent, in every way possible. Some say that is it best to have a picture of you smiling, as opposed to one posing, as it gives away a more positive and light-hearted feel. Use photo with your partner only if you want to give a loving, caring image. Avoid pictures with glasses of alcohol or cigarettes at all costs if you aim at being professional.

#4 Time of your post reveals much information

When one posts a picture on holiday when everyone is working busily, it is foreseeable that others will have a negative feeling on you. When one posts a happy face on status when the US new President is born, one might be misjudged for supporting the side. Those who often post at late night probably have a flexible job while those who always post during office hour are probably having a job that is not challenging and demanding. Therefore, it could be seen that time of posting can reflect a person and trigger others emotion.

Adjust the frequency of your post to make it even. No one wants to see your 1-week update in 1 single hour. If you want to avoid discussion on your post, try to post 12am-5am.

#5 Pick the right thing to say

If you want to establish a professional image, share articles or books that you have come across together with your personal opinion written in a formal tone; if you want to establish a light-hearted image, share good food you have recently tried; if you want to be (pretend to be) a love expert, share infographs or pictures regarding to relationships and you will surely generate discuss under your post.

For people who prefer to be in low-profile, try to share information that is impersonal. In this case, even if there is discussion, it would not be about you.

#6 Be genuine

Everyone can pretend to be someone for a period of time, but hardly for a lifetime. Your story needs to be cohesive. It will be a torture for you to write a single post if you are pretending to be somebody else. Embrace yourself and stay true to things that you have feelings on.




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