5 logos with successful transformation

  1. Pepsi
    To cater to energetic millennial, Pepsi updated the logo where it feels less balanced and dynamic. They also claim it carries the meaning of a smile with the curve associating with the teeth.

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    2. Reebok
    Athletic company Reebok lost their stripy logo and went for a delta themed rebrand. Each delta slice is supposed to representing the changes – physical, mental and social – that occur when people embrace a physically active life. The new design symbolizes the way of life.

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    3. Airbnb
    Accommodation booking service platform Airbnb was looking for rebranding as they felt their existing identity – in place since 2008 – ‘didn’t capture what Airbnb is.’ When the new logo was released, people on social media were discussing the possibilities of naughty implication of the logo. The internet went crazy for a week, the logo went viral and dozens of websites asked visitors to submit mashed-up versions of the design. Click-bait and user participation were generated. Ironically, this echo-chamber of hype and engagement was exactly what Airbnb wanted to create. When everything was settled, the Airbnb rebrand is undoubtedly the most successful new rollout of 2014.

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    4. Pizza Hut
    After rival pizza chain Domino’s launched a new identity in 2013, Pizza Hut established a new image as well. The iconic hut roof and script wordmark remain but without color, is flattened and placed inside a smear of tomato sauce. The rebrand comes as Pizza Hut is overhauling its menu, introducing new crust flavors, new premium ingredients.

    “most significant (they’ve) made” since the company was founded in 1958 said chief executive David Gibbs. 

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    5. UPS
    UPS’ new logo, launched in 2003, is without any doubt far better than their old logo. It is bolder and more contemporary. The shield looks stronger which gives customer more confidence of how UPS would stay strong and deliver their parcel in all circumstances. The colour stresses their tagline, which is “What can Brown do for you?”

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