How does Cityplaza food court transform?

With its name confirmed after a social media campaign, Treats, the new food court in Cityplaza was opened this weekend which attracts many people to pay a visit. How does the old food court transform to the new, modern place of dining?

Situated on the 1/F of Cityplaza, the original food court in Cityplaza Food Republic, is a common place for the nine-to-fiver and families to dine in or buy takeaway. Food Republic is a food court chain by the Breadtalk Group based in Singapore. Positioned itself as a pragmatic food place, Food Republic serves all kinds of cuisines including Japanese, Chinese, Viet, Thai etc. with numerous tables in dark colour.


While the new food court Treats, which is at the G/F of Cityplaza, possess a different style from Food Republic. Its name ‘Treats’ was born in a campaign ran by Cityplaza Hong Kong. 3 people who voted for this name could get a free dining experience in Treats.  This modern way of interactive naming  sets the tone for this food court – new, innovative, stylish.

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 22.53.19.png

The interior of Treats is bright with the main colour green which is quite similar to Citysuper. Wooden tables are used with a stylish, foreign, cozy atmosphere.


To provide a modern dining experience, Treats adopts automated ordering technology. People no longer go to the counter and tell the shop keeper what they want for tonight’s dinner, instead they tell the machine. People could see the menu of respective store, all they need to do is use their fingers to select, then confirm payment by selecting option ‘use Octopus card’ , ‘use American Express’, or ‘pay at cashier with cash’.

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 After paying, diners bring their receipt to the food redemption area. Some stores will offer you with a pager and let you know when the food is ready while some require diners to line up for the food.

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All these aim at better division of labour and enhance efficiency. Nonetheless, after experiencing the whole process, I realized it took around 15 minutes instead of 5-10 minutes which I used to experience in Food Republic. The reason was that I had to queue for three times instead of once – i.e. when selecting the food, waiting at the cashier and standing in the line of picking up food. One of the diners also commented ‘This (the new system) is fun and exciting but…seemingly the old way better more efficient.’ Hopefully the situation will get better when the staff are more familiar with the system and when there are less people.

Eateries in Treats adopt consistent packaging and style. In Food Republic, each store has its own logo and its own set of takeaway box. But now in Treats, even Chinese barbecue pork rice is wrapped in the box with the logo ‘Treats’ which is same as the rest of eateries in the food court.

In Treats, the only beverage store is a juice shop, selling freshly-made juice with tailor-made options and bottles of juice on the side. As the trend of healthy dining is rising in recent years, this emphasizes the positioning of Treats as a stylish food producer.jpeg-image-f4a564113237-1

P.S. Taste of the food is unexpectedly nice. Go and try, but make sure you leave enough time for lining up if you go during rush hours!


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