When beauty brands walk into the digital world PART 2

It is discussed in When beauty brands walk into the digital world PART 1 about the situation of digital usage for various beauty brands. We will go on to discuss examples on social media.

Weibo is a good platform for beauty brands to elaborate a bit more on their products. Estee Lauder is currently having 610,000 fans on Weibo. It adopts the strategy of celebrity endorsement coupling with publicity on Weibo to boost popularity. For instance, it collaborated with Victoria Beckham and Liu Wen. On Estee Lauder’s Weibo page, a voting post was launched to ask fans to pick Liu Wen’s closest friends. Lauder collections  will be packed into 2 gifts; one to be given to the chosen closest friend of hers and one to be given to a fan.


WeChat is a good way for brands to reach out to individuals by personal messaging. Loreal Paris is one of the most active beauty brands on WeChat. By launching a marketing campaign with celebrity amplification, the brand increases its fan base in a double in just 15 days according to L2’s Insight Report: WeChat.

It endorsed famous actress Fan Bing Bing as the spokesperson of the brand while inviting users to follow the brand’s account via a personal voice message. This personal touch could leave a stronger image in the users’ mind and thus feel closer to the brand. They will see Fan Bing Bing’s updates, as if she were one of your friends.

Photo from WeChat



Usage of app
People are moving from using computers to mobiles. More and more brands are making their own app to go with this trend. L’Oreal launched L’Oréal MakeUp Genius app on 7 Nov 2016 which blends technology and beauty seamlessly. This app allows you to try on products virtually by taking a selfie and adding a filter with desired makeup. Before-and-after look can be shown to tell the effect.

photo: Makeup Genius app official page

Benefit Cosmetics, best known for its eyebrow waxing and shaping services, also launched Brow Genie App in 2015. After uploading your personal photo, you are requested to indicate your inner edge, arch and the end of brow. The ideal shape of your brow will be shown on the app and it will automatically replace your original brow with the ideal one. This strengthens the position in its core business while increases the awareness or affection for users on this brand.

untitled.pngA brand with heavy-use of social media – NYX
NYX is a brand under the Loreal group featuring colourful and bold cosmetics. It has a strong social media presence with retweets from its customers’ photos, reviews as well as behind-the-scenes Snapchat videos.

According to Sara Aziz, NYX Trade and National Account Manager, NYX would like to adopt the strategy of user-generated content (UCG) instead of branded content. NYX is not afraid of sharing contents from other users. UCG is an excellent way to engage current and potential customers. It also acts as word-of-mouth where people consider to be more accurate or convincing for a third party to say about the brand.

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NYX is also actively offering giveaway for a broader promotional effect. Upon the opening of flagship store in Mongkok, gifts were offered to the first 250 customers to attract traffic. Competitions were held to generate discussion for the brand at low cost.




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