Romantic relationship and branding

Many people believe that successful ‘branding’ is crucial to get a boyfriend or girlfriend. Is there any other relations between ‘romantic relationship’ and ‘branding’ beyond that?

When it comes to marketing, it is actually similar to dating:
A cliche scene where a boy dated a girl to dine at a high-end restaurant with candles lit at the centre of the table. The warm glow shines onto their faces. Then the violinist walked to their table and the boy pulled out a bouquet of rose. The boy started to go “I fell in love with you since”… Ok I’ll stop as it is too much of cliche. But actually that is what marketing is about – convey your message to customer romantically, be a good story teller. To maintain a good relationship, we must listen to each other and to improve accordingly. Treating customers specially in special days – like buying presents during festivals – is important to show your care towards them.  We could see how closely correlated for branding and dating, while here are more findings:

Flirting Increases Loyalty
Being trustworthy and honest is important in a relationship. Loyalty is the hallmark of strong relationships. Knowing that someone will stay with us without turning to others provides us with great security which promotes long-term relationship. Flirting with others is generally being considered as a behaviour that harms and discourages long-term relationship. Yet, according to a research conducted by Francesca Gino published on Scientific American, flirting could increase loyalty when it comes to brands.

Participants who are loyal to Coca-cola were divided into two groups – one group will try Coco-cola and another group for Pepsi. Each group was asked to list out favourable features of the brand that they tried. Turned out the Coco-cola loyalists who listed out benefits of Pepsi said they would consumer more of their favourite drink, i.e. Coco-cola in the upcoming week exceeds the number of those who listed out benefits of Coco-cola. The experiment worked the same way vice versa for Pepsi loyalists.

Appreciating a competitive brand’s favourable characteristics induced loyal participants’ desire to consume greater amounts of their favourite brand in the near future.This might be due to compensation effect, while Francesca suggested that:

“Research on interpersonal relationships reveals that flirting with a person to whom one is uncommitted elicits excitement and other positive feelings, as it is often playful, pleasant, and arousing. In the context of brand relationships, flirting can similarly elicit excitement, as using or admiring a brand other than one’s favorite may be a fresh and arousing experience. This arousal can be transferred to the favored brand, resulting in even greater affiliation with the brand and a greater desire to consume it.”      (excerpt from the article)

(Feature image credits to HD Wallpapers Rocks)


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