About Angeline

Angeline Yu is a girl born and raised in Hong Kong.

Angeline is in her final year in the University of Hong Kong, majoring in marketing and minoring in journalism. Last semester, she went on exchange to Perth, Australia as she has longed for immersing herself in a diversified cultural environment.

Her nickname Avoline comes from her affection towards avocado after trying the heavenly-creamy avocado in Perth.

Her aspiration is in marketing and advertising field. She has worked as intern in two advertising firms including an HK4As agency BBDO and one start-up company for marketing. Early in her Year 1, she was voted as the External Vice-chairman of Business and Economics Association. In her leisure time, she likes reading articles and books about branding. She also has a passion in arts. She has been the chairman of English Drama Group for 2 years.